KSKA 6th Dan and above Application and Grading Protocol

The following criteria is to be used as a guide by the Shihankai in assessing the merits and suitability of the potential candidate:

  1. Length of time training in karate
  2. Duration and period of un-broken membership to the KSKA
  3. Date of last grading
  4. Organisation of the last grading (KSKA or other)
  5. The candidates continued support for the KSKA
  6. The candidates regular attendances on KSKA Gasshuku's and other courses
  7. Technical merit
  8. Running a club and/or student development including student support of the KSKA
  9. Additional functional support by the candidate towards the KSKA including organisational and/or other such services
  10. Other as maybe applicable and as considered necessary by the Shihankai