Various Photos of Sensei Kase and Shihankai


Members of Shihankai at the first anniversary of death at the Kase familys home 24th of November 2005 in Paris
Members of Shihankai together with Mrs. Kase (Pascal Petrella, Mike Feyk, Velibor Dimitijevic, Mrs. Chieko Kase, Pascal Lecourt, Dirk Heene)
  First meeting of the Shihankai in January 2002 in Luxembourg at Peter Taylor's residence
Sensei Kase explains his ideas about Kase Ha Shotokan Ryu Karate Do Academy to the Shihankai, which were selected by him
Discussions about the new Dan-Grading Syllabus
Sensei Kase tells the Shihankai his vision about future development of karate in generell and Kase Ha in particular


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