KSKA Natsu Gasshuku in Mierlo 13.-15. October 2016

The Nastu-Gasshuku 2016 was held in Mierlo / Holland. A big thanks to the organiser Gerard Schouten and his team for the excellent organisation and promotion of the gasshuku.

The KSKA could welcome 110 participants, were 64 members with 3rd dan above from 15 different countries: Belgium, Holland, Germany, France, Switzerland, England, Scotland, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Sweden, Finland, Israel, Spain, Portugal, Luxemburg were present.

Members in mokuso

KSKA Gasshuku 2016 Mierlo Holland

Sensei Lecourt observing the group performance

Sensei Pascal Lecourt demonstrating some open hand combinations

Open hand combination of the group

Sensei Jim Martin and Sensei Dirk Heene during kumite

Sensei Dirk Heene from Belgium took the first session on Friday evening working on body dynamics in uke waza, yokeru koto and geri waza. Sensei Dirk did a build-up in kihon, which was then finally was practiced in kumite.

Saturday morning the training was split in members and non-members. Sensei Pascal Lecourt from France worked through open hand defensive and offensive open hand techniques in kihon and kumite.

Sensei Pascal Petrella introducing Ten-No-Kata to the students

Sensei Petrella emphasises to keep the back foot connected to the ground,
push from the heel forward

pre excercise for Ten-No-Kata pushing the hip forward together with hikite

... tilt your pelvis, lower your center of gravity, push forward from your heel

Sensei Petrella performing Ten-No-Kata

Sensei Mike Fedyk explaining his combinations with his student Ian Gillis

Sensei Pascal Petrella practised with the non-members group Ten-No-Kata and visualised here the evolution from the time of the WW II until 2004 were sensei Kase changed the Ten-No-Kata to get in harmony with Ten-Chi-Jiin (universe, earth and human) through breathing exercises.

Sensei Mike Feyk in kumite action with Ian Gillis

Jordi Millet from Spain and Arie Gliksman (Israel) during Kumite

Mike Coburn (England) partnering with Ramon Shannon (Northern Ireland)

Sensei Nico Ibscher doing some balancing work during warming up

Veronica Conjero Gonzales (Spain) performing a yoko geri
with Vanessa Cohen (Israel)

Tim Haeraert performing a Yoko-geri
against Gauthier Vanhaelewyn, both Belgium

After a one hour break sensei Mike Fedyk from England did with the members also defensive and offensive combinations bases also on Ten-No-Kata, but going over in oyo combinations, which were quite challenging.

Sensei Nico Ibscher from Germany did with the non-members basic kicking, with the emphasis on effectiveness, which means rooting to the ground, body position, knee position before kicking, snapping of the foot.

After the grading, the general assembly was held. Alan Armstrong stepped back as a treasurer of the KSKA due to personal reasons. We wish him all the best for his future and sending him a big thank you for all his great work. Livia Castro from Belgium was elected as a new treasurer of the KSKA.

Sensei Pablo Delgado from Spain took the last session on Sunday doing kata Sochin. His emphasis was on technical issues like body position, permanent pressure from the hips, connection to the ground, power transfer. Some of the movements were also done in application.

Sensei Juan Pablo Delgado doing partner work
with Antti Kovalainen, Finland

Oliver Sprinz (Germany) and Ashley Coburn (England)
doing some open hand partner work

Sensei Juan Pablo Delgado demonstrating some tachi kata

... and another one

Sensei Juan Pablo observing Roland Reiszek (Switzerland) during Sochin

... checking the pressure from the hips, connecting to the ground

Sensei Juan Pablo Delgado checking the stability of Roland Reiszek

Miguel Luna (Spain) helping Sensei Juan Pablo to feel the pressure
during the complete froward movement

Sensei Velibor Dimitrijevic could due to some personal reasons not be present.

The next KSKA Gasshuku will be held in Nahariya, Israel in October. See you there.


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