French-German-Spanish Friendship in Brittany / France, August 2015

Sensei Juan-Pablo Delgado and sensei Nico Ibscher heard a lot about the development of the Satori-Dojo in Berné / France at the KSKA Kangeiko. The dojo which was build out of an old barn by the students and people from all over the neighborhood of sensei Christian Le Romancer. Also KSKA Shihankai member Pascal Petrella was impressed by the spirit and atmosphere, which is sure the work of sensei Christian and Morgan Touch who put a lot of work into this project to build up a space for training and also for people to spiritual peace in a calm environment.

Senseis Juan-Pablo Delgado, Nico Ibscher
and Christian Le Romancer before the training

Group picture after training

Senseis Christian Le Romancer and Juan-Pablo Degado
during partner work

Training impressions

Hence senseis Juan-Pablo and Nico decided to visit sensei Christian and Morgan at their dojo for training and also for a short holiday with their wives and students.

Arriving on Thursday evening, Morgan and sensei Christian organized an excellent dinner at the Satori-Pub, which was previously an old barn with a 1200 years old very big furnace, which was taken out of an old broken down chateaux, but now converted to a real great common room. Everybody could relax in a romantic atmosphere at the fireplace, talking in a mix of 3 different languages, exchanging ideas and making friends.

Friday morning the visiting group from Dresden / Germany, Nico, his wife Michaela, Katharina, Bettina, Nicole, Daniel und Eugen and Juan-Pablo and his wife Maica from Cadiz / Spain first went to visit the whole area of Christian`s 3.5 hectare land, including also a forest. After that we all went for a sightseeing tour to the coastline of Brittany, enjoying the sea and a long walk along the coastline. Later on we did a speed boat tour to the Isle de Croix, "the last Island before New York", which is just outside of Lorient.

Nicole and Eugen from Dresden enjoying the great sight

Bettina from Dresden at the beach at Lorient

Group picture at the see sight at Lorient.jpg

Sensei Nico Ibscher and his wife Michaela
enjoying the view to the atlantic ocean

In the evening a training was planned from 7-10 pm. Who was the first to teach? It was decided a match pulling should help in this decision. Christian won, he was the first to teach, Nico and Juan-Pablo had to adapt to the content of what Christian had been teaching. All 3 trainings were great, everybody had fun during training. The reward was to go to the self-built sauna in the backyard of the dojo. Afterwards we enjoyed the time and conversations at the "Satori-Pub" at the fire place.

Everybody enjoys the dinner at the Satori Pub

Romantic fire in 1200 years old furnace

Saturday morning we did again an coastal walk. In the evening Christian organized a trip to Lorient, to the famous Celtic-Festival, which always takes place at the first weekend of August. We also learned some words in French: The first one was "magnifique", which Christian used all the time when things were good and the second one was "scandale", which he used, when he was upset about the Viking Festival, which turned out a bit touristic. Hence we have a new word in our vocabulary "magnifique scandale".

Sunday was the time to fly back home, having a great weekend of French-German-Spanish friendship, all through Kase-Ha-Karate-Do. Sensei Christian and Morgan were of course really happy and proud to have their friends at their dojo and at home.

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