Natsu-Gasshuku 8th - 10th May 2015 in Müllheim/Germany

A big Thank You to sensei Pascal Petrella and his team, especially to academy member Peter Cerar for the airport-pick-up organization of the May 2015 Gasshuku that proved a great success. Member and none-member support was excellent, whilst the hospitality was second to none including family and friends of the Karate Dojo Müllheim who worked hard behind the scene. Karate Dojo Müllheim, with the main instructors sensei Mario Sammarco, (passed his 7th Dan at the last Gasshuku in Portugal) and Shihankai member Pascal Petrella had the honor to organize this event for the 3rd time in Müllheim, a lovely town in Black Forest area in southern Germany, close to the Swiss and French border.

At the Natsu-Gasshuku in Müllheim the KSKA could welcome about 90 participants from 16 different countries: Belgium, England, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Israel, Luxembourg, Portugal, Poland, Scotland, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland.

Sensei Dirk set as usual the schedule with the topics for each instructor of the Gasshuku. Sensei Dirk took the complete group on Friday evening doing some body shifting exercises. On Saturday the course was divided in a members and non-members group. Sensei Jim Martin from Scotland was not able (with short notice for family reasons) to attend to the Gasshuku. Hence sensei Dirk asked sensei Juan-Pablo to take over the members group. He did a great training applying omote and ura blocking techniques. Sensei Nico did with the non-members exercises to stabilize the basic positions of shotokan karate.

In the afternoon session sensei Pascal Petrella did for the first time a Train-the-Trainer session, were he showed the members different ways how to teach and explain kicking techniques. What are the usual mistakes of students and how to correct them. Sensei Pascal showed some very effective exercises in order to improve the technical level of students. He mentioned, that first one should develop a correct technique and afterwards one need to work one breathing and rooting to get power into the techniques. Sensei Petrella took the opportunity to follow a wish from sensei Tim Hart from Ireland, who mentioned that request at the last membership meeting in Portugal. He did in his session parts of Train-the-Trainer syllabus from KSK Germany with the emphasis on kicking. What are the common mistakes of students and how to get rid of it, showing also different exercises to improve the technique itself and also their effectivity.

Sensei Michaylo Fedyk teached at the same time to the non-member Heian-Oyo with applications.

At the evening a lovely buffet dinner was organized at the Park-Restaurant in Müllheim, were all hungry karateka had as much food as they could eat.

Sunday morning was sensei Vebos turn, he teached the kata Hangetsu, with the emphasis on rooting and different breathing exercises to develop a firm tanden power and rooting. Sensei Nico Ibscher did with the non-members Tekki-Shodan, with the emphasis on strong positions.

Overall one must say, that the turnout of members and non-members participating at a Gasshuku were one of the highest in the last 10 years. Having also the first time both new Shihankai assistant sensei Juan-Pablo from Spain and sensei Nico from Germany teaching at the Gasshuku, was a full success. Both senseis have studies sports, knowing the biomechanics of the body and having also excellent didactical skills, giving many participants new ideas and impulses of how to teach back in their dojos.

Conclusion: Excellent training, excellent strong training spirit and atmosphere, excellent organization and hospitality of the Dojo Müllheim and Kase Ha Germany. Looking forward to the next Gasshuku in Cork / Ireland in October 2015.


Secretary Mike Cowburn announcing the members which receive the KSKA instructor certificate
Sensei Leonardo Schwartz receiving the instructor certificate from sensei Dirk Heene
Members of the shihankai discussing the teaching schedule
Sensei Dirk Heene doing qi-gong excercises for warming up
Filipe from Portugal partnering with sensei Mike Fedyk from England
Sensei Juan-Pablo showing Gary from Scotland how to block
Sensei Juan-Pablo showing our members from Poland how the blocking drill is working
Jani Somppi from Finland demonstrating blocking techniques in hanmi dachi
Lorenzo from Spain practicing with Anette from Sweden
Sensei Pascal Petrella explaining some details to Antti and Tom, both from Belgium
Senseis Franz-Josef and Mario from Müllheim, both soon to be 70 years of age practicing still hard
Sensei Mike practicing with former KSKA secretary Gerhard from Germany
KSKA treasurer Alan in full action with Geoff, both England
a Morgan from France demonstrating with Ashley from England
Ashley from England demonstrating with Gary from Scotland
Gary applying here against Ashley zuki attack a gyaku otoshi blocking
Roland from Switzerland against Miguel from Spain
Morgan from France against Sergio from Spain
Sensei Dirk Heene partnering against Francy from Belgium
Mona from Sweden against Thomas from Germany
Davide from Italy against Peter from Germany
Roland, Antti and Miguel demonstrating very dynamically a kumite combination
Tom from Belgium against Christian from France
In sensei Juan-Pablos training Antti, Roland from Switzerland an Miguel demonstrating
Klaus Göppert, President of Karate Dojo Müllheim, presenting the shihankai a small gift
At the end of the seminar sensei Mario from dojo Müllheim sayed a big thank you for the people who came from all over Europe and also the members of the shihankai for the excellent training
group photo


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