Natsu-Gasshuku in Porto / Portugal

7th-9th May 2010

The Natsu-Gasshuku (Summer Gasshuku) of Kase ha Shotokan Ryu Karate-Do Academy 2010 was held in Porto / Portugal. The Shihankai and the executive committee would like to thank Felipe Machado for the excellent organisation of the KSKA Gasshuku.

Over 70 participants from Belgium, Finland, France, England, Germany, Scotland, Ireland, Israel, Serbia, Sweden, Italy, Spain, Portugal, were training 3 days under the instruction of the KSKA Shihankai Dirk Heene, Velibor Dimitrijevic, Jim Martin, Mike Fedyk, Pascal Lecourt and Pascal Petrella.

Sensei Velibor Dimitrijevic took the first session on Friday evening at 8 pm. Sensei Vebo discussed all aspects about Ibuki breathing, rooting and the transport of power into the technique. The theory was then practiced in some Kihon combinations.

Sensei Velibor Dimitrijevic demonstrating Gedan Barai in Fudo-Dachi

Members listening to Sensei Velibor Dimitrijevic's explanation
about abdominal respiration

Sensei Velibor Dimitrijevic with Oi-Tsuki

After the training most of the participants went back to the hotel for dinner, some went into town to have their dinner.

At Saturday morning the class was split into two, 1st and 2nd Dan grades and 3rd Dan and above. Sensei Pascal Petrella's topic in the 1st - 2nd Dan group was Bassai-Dai with Bunkai applications.

Sensei Pascal Petrella teaching Bassai-Dai to the 1st - 2nd Dan group

Portuguese karateka with throwing techniques in Bassai-Dai bunkai applications

Sensei Pascal Petrella with Yama-Tsuki in Bassai-Dai

Sensei Pascal Petrella first practiced the form of Bassai-Dai. The focus of Sensei Petrella in the first part of the session was on individual correction and repetitions until the form was ok. In the last part of the training Bassai-Dai Bunkai, the application of the Kata was studied in depth.

At the same time Sensei Pascal Lecourt was teaching the members group, 3rd Dan and above. The topic of his teaching was Kihon and Kumite combinations and Kata Sochin.

Sensei Pascal Lecourt observing a Bunkai combination

Sensei Pascal Lecourt with Gedan Barai

Sensei Pascal Lecourt with Tate-Tsuki in Heian Shodan

In the second training on Saturday Sensei Mike Fedyk took the non-members group, practicing Bassai-Dai Henka with open hand techniques.

With the members group Sensei Jim Martin did Sochin Henka with open hand techniques. It was really interesting how the feeling of doing a kata could change using open hand techniques instead of closed hand techniques.

Sensei Juan-Pablo Delgado with Kizami-Tsuki
against Sensei Manolo Valero from Spain

The organiser of the Gasshuku in Porto Felipe Machado
with Gyaku-Haito Uchi against Sensei Carlos DeMarco from Italy

Sensei Arie Farkash from Israel with Yoko-Geri

Sensei Michylo Fedyk blocks an attack from Sensei Pascal Petrella

Dr. Ulrich Holzhuser from Germany doing partner work
with the KSKA Treasurer Sensei Alan Armstrong

Sensei Jim Martin shows some bunkai
with Sensei Gerry McGeoch from Scotland

Sensei Jim Martin with kamae for Gyaku Shuto Uchi

After the training Sensei Felipe from Porto organised a fantastic dinner in one of the Bodegas.

In the background you can see the old part of Porto ...

... and the Ponte Dom Luis I, built by Gustave Eiffel

Dinner Buffet

Cheese Buffet

A band playing for an exellent atmosphere

Jean-Pierre Clemence and Jaques Torquado from Mulhouse / France

Members of the Shihankai having fun

Sensei Mike Fedyk and Sensei Mario Sammarco from Germany

Sensei Jim Martin und Roland Reiszek from Switzerland

Sensei Jim Martin at dinner

The atmosphere, the food and the drinks at the restaurant were brilliant. Soon some members started singing: "Hee Oi-Tsuki, Gyaku-Tsuki chudan" :-)

But in the back of our heads most of us had the worry: Was the Vulcano cloud moving towards Porto?? But most of us kept to Sensei Kase' saying: " Today is today. Tomorrow is tomorrow! Well all kept cool and enjoyed the evening to the fullest. On Sunday morning Sensei Dirk Heene took the last session.

Sensei Dirk Heene shows a Gyaku-Shuto-Uchi counter attack

Sensei Dirk Heene doing partner work with Sensei Reinaldo Portas from Portugal

Sensei Dirk Heene shows some Kihon

At the end of the Gasshuku, the Vice-President and Shihan-Kai Member Sensei Jim Martin presented to Sensei Dirk Heene the promotion for 8th Dan KSKA. This was a real surprise for Sensei Dirk.

KSKA Vice-President Jim Martin awards in the name
of the KSKA Shihankai Sensei Dirk Heene the 8th dan

Sensei Dirk took it like a samurai sword

Sensei Dirk Heene with his dan diploma

At the end of the course all countries attendant were presented.

Participants from Belgium

Participants from England

Participants from France

The German group

Sensei Jani Somppi from Finland

Sensei Carlos from Italy

Participants from Albacete / Spain with parts of the Shihankai

Participants from Cadiz / Spain with parts of the Shihankai

Participants from France with parts of the Shihankai

Participants from Germany with parts of the Shihankai

Participants from Israel with parts of the Shihankai

Group photo

After the Sunday training the most important question was, is the plane flying on Monday morning or not? Check the internet, check the news! But we always got the same answer: All airports on the Iberian Island were closed on Monday. So how could we get back to our countries: Trains? - All booked. Flights? Not only before Thursday. Bus? Yes there was a possibility for the German and French group. A bus travel of 21 hours from Porto to Paris. Uhhh, this is a long time! Better check the airport! Arriving at the airport one could see queues of thousands of people trying to catch another plane. Sensei Vebo was standing their for hours as well. Ok, no way in getting out of Porto by plane before Tuesday, hence we had to risk to go back to Porto city center to book the bus. Better travelling 21 hours by bus than staying in Porto not knowing when to get back. Hence 11 karateka from France and Germany took the bus to Paris. Actually it was not so bad, in the morning we had a good tour through the mountains, a really nice area around San Sebastian and the Pyrenees. At a stop in the morning most of us bought some salami, water and baguette and had a nice breakfast in the bus. Monday 9 pm we arrived at Paris, Pascal Lecourt and his group went to the underground, going to the airport were they parked their cars. Pascal Petrella and his group checked in at a hotel at Gare du Nord, taking the first train in the morning to Mulhouse.

Even most of us had some had difficulties in travelling back home, the stage in Porto was really excellent. I guess all participants looking forward to the next stage in October in Vxj / Sweden.

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