45th Anniversary of Shitoryu Karate Association (SKA)

Singapore 1st - 10th July 2009
By Shihan Pascal Petrella

Shihan Pascal Petrella, who practiced from 1996 to 1998 under the SKA Chief-Instructor Shihan Wong Tuan Seng, followed an invitation to the 45th anniversary from the 1st to the 10th July 2009 to Singapore. For the 45th anniversary a technical seminar with Shihan Sakamoto, 8th Dan World Shitoryu Karate Federation (WSKF) was organised on Friday the 3rd July. Karatekas from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Hongkong, India, Cambodia and Germany took part at this seminar. Shihan Sakamoto showed us 3 different versions of the very old kata Haffa, or as it is call in Hayashi-Ha-Shito-Ryu, Hakucho. The movements of this old kata from Shito-Ryu Style look for a traditional karateka with shotokan background very strange, because it is a so called white crane style kata, handed down by Master Gogenki from China. Hakucho really reflects the movement of a white crane, like the steps going forward in neko-ashi-dachi and the hand movements which symbolises the wings of the crane.

Shihans Sakamoto, Tan, Kawata, Wong

Shihan Sakamoto demonstarting Hakucho

The wings of the crane

Shihan Sakamoto demonstrating some bunkai

Group photo

Shihan Petrella with the officials of APSKA

On Friday evening the officials and honorary guests were invited to a dinner at a very high class Chinese seafood restaurant, where the Soke of WSKF Kenei Mabuni, 10th Dan and 91years of age came as well. For a 91 year old man, Soke Mabuni still looked very fit, he enjoyed the food and the conversation with the officials and the members of SKA.

Dinner with Soke Kenei Mabuni

At Sunday evening was the 45th Anniversary Dinner and Dance at the Conrad Hotel. The work and the professional organisation behind this event where over 150 members and guests took part was really astonishing. Shihan Wong Tuan Seng, 7th Dan, 67 years of age is the motor behind SKA. Shihan Petrella, representative of Kase Ha Germany and Karate-Dojo-Müllheim presented Shihan Wong a hand drawn porcelain plate which was especially made for the 45th anniversary of SKA, with the symbol Gi of Kase-Ha, which means deep friendship. Shihan Wong got a special award from Soke Mabuni and the WSKF for his work and development of Shitoryu in Singapore and the Asia-Pacific region.

Congratulation of MP Charles Chong

Shihan Petrella presents a porcelain plate to Shihan Wong

Soke Kenei Mabuni handing on some Dan certificates

Shihan Wong shows after the training of Shihan Petrella the present of Soke Mabuni

I stayed for the rest of the week in Singapore and gave two sessions at SKA. At this point I would like to express my appreciation for the hospitality and friendship of Shihan Wong and the members of SKA. At this dojo the karate style doesn't matter, there is only one karate, one big karate family. Sensei Arie Farkash, Chief Instructor of Kase Ha Israel, is also teaching regularly at SKA.

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