Sensei Velibor Dimitrijevic in Vxj / Sweden

24-25 April 2009

At the 3rd Spring Karate seminar in Sweden with Sensei Velibor Dimitrijevic, 7th dan, took about 50 karatekas part in. Beside from members from 11 Swedish clubs, there were also karatekas from England and Norway participating. The course was organized by Karate-Do Shotokan Akademi in Vxj, Sweden. Key points during the weekend were how to master basic karate techniques and breathing. On Friday evening these techniques were explained through the practice of different basic combinations.

Sensei Velibor Dimitrijevic explains techniques
for Peter Mendel (Sweden) and Bostjan Lesnik (Sweden)

Thomas Smedstad (Norway), Mona Pfaus (Sweden) and Anette Nilsson-Pavlovic (Sweden)

Saturday and Sunday trainings were at a higher technical level. On Saturday, one of the main topics was abdominal Ibuki breathing. Different forms of Ibuki breathing coordinated with various intensity of kime were practiced, followed by a combined exercise to improve moving skills whit both arms on the back. Step by step exercises were given in order to obtain a feeling concerning the breathing, while gaining an ability to control it as well as to direct it. Later this exercise was applied in some Kumite combinations in order to improve Kime and speed.

During the Saturday sessions, different combinations of basic techniques were exercised, emphasizing the importance of body stability combined with sharp breathing and Kime. Later, the attack and blocking techniques were practiced in prearranged forms of Kumite in order to improve the feeling of distance, timing and resistance through contact.

Some of the participants after Saturdays first training session

On Saturday after training there was one hour lecture. Information and explanation was given concerning anatomy and physiology when the body is submitted to the Karate-Do practice. The lecture was illustrated with drawings concerning basic anatomical body mechanics. Details of the specific Ibuki breathing and its benefits for the mind and the vital body functions were analyzed.

Sunday trainings began with 45 minutes of breathing exercises. A higher level in Karate-Do practice means merging the breathing as a source of the inner Ki with muscular contraction of karate techniques. The sessions on Sundays were dedicated to the connection of breathing with one complex of basic combinations and different Heian Kata.

Alan Armstrong (England) and Mona Pfaus (Sweden)

The Norwegian team enjoying the weather before training

Our mind should control our bodies and we shall be able to move our bodies when we want without losing control. The importance of experiencing body weight was emphasised when we practised kae-ashi (and other movements) by mowing the weight from one leg to another and then down to the feet. Sensei Vebo constantly repeated that we put to much attention on our hands and arms and focus to little on the legs. He reminded us that Kase sensei often talked about the importance of stability. If we are stable and exhale correctly our arm techniques will improve. We also practised some keri-techniques as well. When practising this kind of techniques one soon realises the importance of dachi, ibuki and focus to make them efficient.

Remember that Karate is on a different level, another dimension of life!

Mona Pfaus, 3rd dan
Karate-Do Shotokan Akademi Vxj / Sweden

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